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What’s New in Android “Lollipop” ?

Android launched its new version 5.0 and named it as “Lollipop”. Android lovers are as usual curious to know about the features of this new version of Android. According to new features, modifications will be carried out in apps like Android phone tracker. So, let’s dig into the Android 5.0 “Lollipop”.


“Material design” of Google makes extensive use of animations and layered elements to deliver what the company promises i .e. a more spontaneous experience. Battery life is the most important feature of smart phones. Necessity of charging smart phone in every few hours makes it difficult for people, Android Lollipop has new power saving mode for long battery life. This power-saving mode lets you squeeze up to 90 extra minutes out of your phone if you can’t find a charge outlet.

Security of data has also taken into consideration to prevent loss of data in case of lost or stolen devices. Moreover, an additional feature of using your friend’s phone as a guest user has also been introduced in this new version of Android. You’ll be able to decide how frequently you want to get notified for notifications with a new “priority” mode that will let specific people contact you or will let you turn off notifications altogether between specific hours.


Buy Android Phone Smartly

The best part of buying an Android phone is we get a lot of options available before us to choose. At the same time, it is the main reason of people getting confused in phones and result in dissatisfaction with the phone. You must consider few things while selecting Android phone that can help you in getting the best phone for you.

Android Phone Tracker

  • Think about the features you need in your Android phone. Do not forget to check Android phone tracker compatibility of the phone, it is important for the security purpose of your phone. If lost, your Android phone can be easily caught with the help of this tracker.
  • Carry out some research based on your requirements. You can also find reviews on internet that can help you in refining your choice. It is also better to check out phone reviews from reputed third-party sources so you can have more objective and honest information about the device you want to buy.
  • Rely on the brand for the purchase of phone. There are several companies that are offering Android phones in less price, but keep in mind cheap phone can cost you later. So think sensibly and buy smartly!!!

Best Android Cell Phone Spy App to Catch Corrupt Employee in Minutes

★★★Worried about dishonest employees Get Access to their Android phones★★
Your business has employees working out in the field, to keep in touch you provide them with company owned smart phones. It might be possible your employees are wasting valuable company time at some other places doing some other personal task. You can do many things with this app without letting them knew.

Catch their GPS location which will be displayed on map.
See their address book to confirm they won’t have your competitor’s number
Check their Outgoing, Incoming, Missed call logs.
See their each and every sms sent and received.
Get an image from either front or back camera anytime without letting them knew.
In case they say phone is lost or theft. Recover the phone.



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Phone Book -> To see the Contacts detail.
Stealth Camera> To get the current image of location on which device is.
Note: send a sms “TAKEIMAGE” to the device. Sms & Image will be auto deleted from phone
Live GPS -> To see the location on map just click on map icon in table.
Note: send a sms “TAKELOCATION” to the device. It will be auto deleted from phone
My Lost Cell -> One more additional feature of our application is, If your device changes SIM, then user will get new SIM ID and Phone Number With location on that particular time on his account.

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