Top 10 Android Mobile Spy Apps Available on Internet

Keeping an eye on someone is not considered a good thing but it can be carried out to prevent any kind of misdeeds. If you are interested in gaining knowledge regarding the calls and other information of your partner or kids, there are certain mobile apps based on android operating system which let you peep into the details of an android phone.


Given below are top 10 android mobile spy apps with their features and price listings:


S. No.






1 Spy My Cell  1 $30.00 Spy My Cell is one of the best affordable mobile spy apps that provide extraordinary features of storing information like call logs, SMS text messages, contacts, take GPS location and capturing secret picture through camera.
2 M Spy  2 $49.00 M Spy provides access to the call logs, SMS and GPS location tracking.
3 Stealth Genie  3 $59.99 Stealth Genie records phone activities, GPS location, SMS and browser history.
4 Spy Bubble  4 $49.95 Spy Bubble records the phone information and also supports Ipad.
5 Spy Era  5 $149.00 Apart from storing call logs, it sends SMS everytime it finds a call made or received from the mobile.
6 Mobile Spy  6 $49.97

It is a reasonable application for basic users who want a simple interface, though not as feature-rich as other applications.
7 MobiStealth  7 $79.99 This app records the phone calls along with storing the call logs.
8 Phone Sherrif  8 $49.97 Its features include storing call history, SMS tracking, multimedia access & GPS tracking.
9 FlexiSpy  9 $149.00

FlexiSpy supports the feature to forward all stored information to your e-mail inbox, allowing you to get instant updates on what is happening, no matter where you are.
10 Highster Mobile  10 $69.99 Highster Mobile stores every single call which is made or received by the mobile.


Examine the features you require in mobile spy apps and then install it. It is useless to install the application in more than twice price with the similar features. Find balance between the features and money before installing any of these android mobile spy applications.


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