What’s New in Android “Lollipop” ?

Android launched its new version 5.0 and named it as “Lollipop”. Android lovers are as usual curious to know about the features of this new version of Android. According to new features, modifications will be carried out in apps like Android phone tracker. So, let’s dig into the Android 5.0 “Lollipop”.


“Material design” of Google makes extensive use of animations and layered elements to deliver what the company promises i .e. a more spontaneous experience. Battery life is the most important feature of smart phones. Necessity of charging smart phone in every few hours makes it difficult for people, Android Lollipop has new power saving mode for long battery life. This power-saving mode lets you squeeze up to 90 extra minutes out of your phone if you can’t find a charge outlet.

Security of data has also taken into consideration to prevent loss of data in case of lost or stolen devices. Moreover, an additional feature of using your friend’s phone as a guest user has also been introduced in this new version of Android. You’ll be able to decide how frequently you want to get notified for notifications with a new “priority” mode that will let specific people contact you or will let you turn off notifications altogether between specific hours.


Buy Android Phone Smartly

The best part of buying an Android phone is we get a lot of options available before us to choose. At the same time, it is the main reason of people getting confused in phones and result in dissatisfaction with the phone. You must consider few things while selecting Android phone that can help you in getting the best phone for you.

Android Phone Tracker

  • Think about the features you need in your Android phone. Do not forget to check Android phone tracker compatibility of the phone, it is important for the security purpose of your phone. If lost, your Android phone can be easily caught with the help of this tracker.
  • Carry out some research based on your requirements. You can also find reviews on internet that can help you in refining your choice. It is also better to check out phone reviews from reputed third-party sources so you can have more objective and honest information about the device you want to buy.
  • Rely on the brand for the purchase of phone. There are several companies that are offering Android phones in less price, but keep in mind cheap phone can cost you later. So think sensibly and buy smartly!!!

Listen To Call Conversations Through Cell Phone Spy Apps

There are numerous cell phone spy apps available in market, but only few of them are liked by people. Some of them provide less features or some of them are complex to handle. You need to install the one you like and that can be handled by you effortlessly. Almost every mobile spy app provides access to phone conversations like incoming and outgoing calls. You can get the details like the phone number to which the person has dialed or the number of the person who called the mobile phone with the spy application on it, the time of the call and the duration of the call.


Some apps let you hear the whole conversation. They send you a message every time the android mobile in which the app is installed receives a call or calls a person, so that you can easily listen to the entire conversation. These apps are the best way to find the loyalty of your spouse or employee. Moreover, you can pay more attention on your kids by keeping an eye to their conversation and contacts.

Features of Google Android 4.4 Kitkat

Google revealed the latest version of Android Kitkat, that is, Kitkat 4.4, in last October. This version has improved Android’s performance with new features and services installed in it. Let’s have a keen look on the features of the latest Android version:


Google Listening
Yes, your smart phone will now respond to voice commands through the phrase “OK Google”. With this feature, you can find out whatever with homescreen without going inside the phone apps or tools.

Full-Screen Immersion
The experience of users in terms of screen is improved in this version. The menu bars have been made transparent to give a proper and clear view to the users. The bar will disappear when you will switch your app to full screen mode.

Improved Phone Support
This Android version support lower end phones. That means less fragmentation in Android that will allow older versions of Android to update their apps through Play Store and gain access to the new services and features.

NFC Payments
It has simplified the use of NFC(near-field communication) for payments. It is a great enhancement in simplifying payments through Android phone.

Most of the phones like HTC confirmed to support this latest Android Kitkat version 4.4. That means you can install and track any of your Android phone tracker app even in the latest version phone.

Popularity Of Android OS in Market

Undoubtedly, Android smart phones have become the first choice of people. Most of the smart phones have android operating system. It is easy to install and use android applications from chatting applications to phone finder applications. These applications keep people engaged in themselves due to their magnificent features. Applications available for every interest of people have taken this industry to the top position. Moreover, it has opened the bright way for the android application developer.

Android is open source service which is absolutely free. This gives the feature to users to modify the operating system to make it more effective. Due to its open source service, it has added a noticeable number of users to its usage customers. It’s functions are simple to use which makes it user friendly in nature. All its newer versions feature continuous addition of apps, high performance levels and improved functionality.

The best part of smart phones with android operating system is they are available in affordable prices in the market. You can purchase the small or big phone according to your budget. They are available in almost every mobile retail shop. You just need to make up your mind to get the suitable android phone for your use.

Mobile Phone Tracking App – Get Your Phone Back

Mobile phones based on android operating system have become the primary choice of people. The applications based on this operating system have gained popularity all around the world. Various applications have been developed in android to make the processing and functionality of phone better. The best among them includes mobile phone tracking applications that helps you in finding your phone back in case it is lost or stolen.


Android applications have reached a great way in regards to the advancement in technology. GPS can track your every move with the help of these applications. If your mobile has been lost or stolen and the application is installed on it, you can easily track your phone and get it back in no time. Whether you are learning how to track your cellphone, or someone else’s phone, by accessing your phone’s location, you’re allowing others to access your phone’s location, too. For security purposes, it is advised that once you are done with tracking of cellphone, turn off the location services.

Keep in mind that if you are trying to track a phone illegally, the result can be negative. So, be in your limits while tracking other’s phone.

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